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Digital Enterprises


As the competition in digital businesses like SaaS, eCommerce, Gaming, Hosting & Cloud services increases, so does the the need of efficient technology integrations. This underlines the importance of transforming the manual processing steps from the internal business processes into automated workflows. eCollect has the solution to all of that offering you its best-in-class digital receivables management driven by artificial intelligence, autonomous events triggering with prerequisite customer classification, customised omni-channel communication and proven best result approach!



The mobility sector, which includes Toll, Parking, Logistics, Rent, Share, and Ride providers, is struggling with high expenses and additional personnel costs to process a huge amount of delayed payments. In addition, it can be quite problematic to classify and find customers in different countries, chose the proper communication approach or to adapt your collection practices to the specific local regulations. Benefit from our cross-border coverage that makes sure that customers are treated fairly and legal requirements are met for each collection territory!

Financial Services


The challenge for financial institutions like banks, insurances, credit card providers, factoring services, short-term lenders, and payment service providers has always been how to collect past-due payments without breaking trust or compliance rules. Our code-driven compliance offers the unique possibility to approach any customer across Europe with full territorial and jurisdictional coverage. With eCollect you get compliant dispute management, accurate customer identification and professional legal expertise while automating your whole receivables management department.

Public Utilities


We help a number of public utilities companies, such as Energy and disposal providers, Infrastructure, and Media businesses to minimise write-offs and regain control of their finances. As traditional organisations, they often struggle with the late adoption of digitalised technologies and automated systems, which hinders the collection of outstanding receivables on time. The combination of eCollect’s compliance know-how, automated data enrichment and omni-channel customer communication approach enables us to achieve positive results while protecting your reputation!



As governments continue to be overrun by paper-based processes and inefficient data structures, improving collections can be a huge game changer. Government organisations using best-in-class digital receivables management driven by artificial intelligence have not only been able to increase their recovery rates, but have also significantly improved their overall public appearance. So, no more cumbersome manual work for processing your receivables. Just create an account and let our AI take care of your invoices and customer files!



Nowadays medical debt becomes a serious problem referring to health insurance or medical bills, which patients find difficult to afford. The healthcare industry lacks the necessary experience when collecting outstanding receivables, which often can lead to massive write-offs, especially in cross-border cases. Our professional receivables management in this field follows a sensitive, diplomatic approach, which aims to preserve your good name, along with the business relationship with your customer. Profit from our well educated team and regain control of your finances!

Travel & Hospitality


As a business highly dependent on travel reviews and ratings, the travel and hospitality industry constantly needs to improve and personalise customer experiences. The management of receivables could be a serious pain when it comes to protecting the brand name and keeping the customers. By combining eCollect’s digital-first omni-channel communication, AI-driven workflows and customised solutions, we help you improve your liquidity while maintaining the relationships you’ve worked hard to build!

Clubs & Associations


Are you, as a club, professional association, NGO or NPO dealing with payment defaults due to delayed payments or insufficient funds in the account? You have no resources to dun and identify your customers, and still want to concentrate on your core business? eCollect proves to be the best partner for all the above offering its RestAPI, in-house developed tool based on machine learning, easy onboarding, full payments coverage, real-time data management and a lot more at minimum to no cost at all!

Professional Services


Professional services such as legal consulting, tax consulting, IT Services, creative agencies, coaching services, craftsmen or freelancers are always looking for customised receivables management solutions fitting into their business models. eCollect provides you with the most modern digital customer-centric solution with increased penetration and best in class recovery rates for fluent management and eminent reduction of your receivables, from the invoice issuing to the collection in case of a unexpected payment delay!

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