Digital Collection

Digital Collection

Digital Collection: Outsource Your Debt Collection with a modern Fintech Solution

First Digital Debt
Collection Approach

Our digital collection processes benefit the creditor by recovering the debt but also create a better experience for the customer, who can easily settle the open claim in a swift and efficient manner.

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Our FinTech Digital Collection Service

  1. Benefits list

    Cross-channel tailored communication for effective debt collection across countries and cultures

  2. Benefits list

    Handles multiple languages, currencies, and legal jurisdictions for seamless communication with diverse customers.

  3. Benefits list

    Convenient digital payment options for customers (payment page, pay links, QR codes) to settle debt payments convenient world wide.

  4. Benefits list

    Enhances the customer experience with swift and efficient debt settlement

  5. Benefits list

    Ideal solution for businesses operating internationally to manage debt collection efforts

  6. Benefits list

    Cross-border digital collection in different countries and currencies with one API integration.

Collection Points

Chat with Mina
Our virtual assistant in different languages

We reach your customers through their preferred communication channels with ease. Our platform allows for the distribution of national & international digital collection letters and payment links through multiple channels including email, SMS, WhatsApp, RakutenViber and other messaging services.
Collect’s AI chatbot uses advanced algorithms to provide quick and efficient assistance to customers 24/7. It understands and interprets customer queries, increases the customer journey and improves response times. We’re constantly improving it to provide the best customer experience in our industry.

Chat with MIna

Put your Digital Collection on autopilot